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Who is Douglas Forbes?

Douglas Forbes, the author of the book named ‘Human Pin Code’, says that he has tested the code on over 25 thousand people in 25 years. Forbes makes remarks about human pin code: “Your pin code reveals your strengths and weaknesses. The benefits of knowing your own Pincode, and the people around you, help understand each other. 

Learn about The Human Pincode

Douglas Forbes is the creator of the human pincode and the author of the books on the subject.

What is The Human Pincode

An ARCHETYPE, is the PLATONIC concept of pure form, believed to embody the fundamental characteristics of a Pincode

BB talks Human Pincode

Tune in and see what BB Talks has to say about The Human Pin Code. Be sure not to miss this exclusive talk.

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“Having heard about the Human Pincode from some friends, I was at first a little sceptical. But following my first meeting with Douglas I couldn’t be happier and more aware of what he has taught me.”

Janet Renolds

“What an unbelievable man! If you ready to learn more about yourself and how understanding your pincode can provide clarity in your life, get in touch with Douglas, you will not regret it!”

Vusi Kwane